Guidelines for use of the SCA Studio

1. Studio Booking and Scheduling – SCA wants to give Multimedia Club fair access to the studio. A schedule needs to be coordinated through the Activities Department that outlines when the MMC team will have studio time (day, dates, hours of use). The Communications Department should also be informed of the schedule so access to the studio can be provided. The TV studio doors will be propped open for entrance to the actual studio.

2. The Communications Department will provide a sign-in sheet in the studio which must be completed by all those entering the studio who are not Communications Department staff.

3. Training and Skill Development – If Multimedia Club wishes to use the studio equipment, ensure that all members receive appropriate training and are qualified to operate the TV studio equipment and handle production tasks. Should equipment break during studio use, the Communications Department should be notified immediately, so that repairs can be made. If it is not reported then an investigation will be convened to determine the cause. If it is determined that the equipment was broken while the Multimedia Club utilized the studio then a mutual solution will need to be worked out. If there are repeated instances of equipment breakage, then the MMC could lose studio use privileges.

4. Safety Protocols – Safety and spatial awareness are priorities during studio sessions. Multimedia Club must take safety precautions and be aware of potential hazards when· using cameras, computers, cables, and adjusting lighting equipment in the studio space.

5. Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Regularly provide feedback to SCA Communications Department regarding the overall function of the studio so issues can be addressed, and improvements made.

6. The Multimedia Club is encouraged to submit club produced videos for possible inclusion on the SCA YouTube channel or in SCA television programming. Videos must be advantageous to SCA to be added to the SCA YouTube channel. Intellectual property forms must also be filled out, with a copy being delivered to the Communications Department prior to use on the SCA YouTube channel or other broadcast means utilized by SCA.

-SCA Communications Department, 2023