MultiMedia SCA

Amazing Racer

It's Oscar month and we are in "MOVIE MODE". Here is one from our own Frank E. Johnson.

The Multimedia SCA Club is very proud of their members' accomplishments and no more than those of Frank E. Johnson, DGA, ASC. Those designations stand for Directors Guild of America and American Society of Cinematographers. Frank has been in the movie and television industry for over 40 years and his bio can be read here.


"Amazing Racer" is a successful Golden Globe nominated movie which paid for itself in a few short months and continues to be profitable on streaming platforms with well known cast - Darryl Hannah, Eric Roberts, Lou Gossett, Michael Madsen. Frank continues to be a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has his own production company in Nevada currently working on yet another movie. Working title "Genesis" . Our Multimedia SCA has been invited to participate. Congratulations Frank!





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